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turkish tea set

A Turkish tea set is designed for the preparation and serving of Turkish tea, which is a strong, black tea traditionally served in tulip-shaped glasses (as opposed to ceramic, and the stouter shapes more common in most other cultures). The designs often feature beautifully ornate decorative metal accents. Common elements might include:

  1. Çaydanlık (Tea Pot): A two-tiered teapot consisting of a larger bottom kettle for boiling water and a smaller top pot for brewing the tea. The two pots are stacked on top of each other, and the boiling water from the bottom pot is used to dilute the concentrated tea in the top pot.

  2. Demlik (Tea Infuser): A small, detachable metal container placed inside the top pot of the çaydanlık, used to hold the loose tea leaves during brewing.

  3. Bardak (Tea Glasses): Small tulip-shaped glasses specifically designed for serving Turkish tea. They are typically clear and handle-less, allowing the tea's vibrant color to be appreciated.

  4. Fincan (Saucer): Each tea glass is accompanied by a saucer on which the glass is placed.

  5. Şekerlik (Sugar Bowl): A small bowl or container used to hold sugar cubes or loose sugar, as Turkish tea is often enjoyed with sugar.

  6. Cay Kaşığı (Tea Spoon): A long-handled spoon used for stirring sugar into the tea.

  7. Tepsi (Serving Tray): A tray used to carry and present the tea glasses and accompanying items.

  8. Demlik Altı (Tea Warmer): An optional accessory used to keep the çaydanlık warm while serving tea over an extended period. It is placed underneath the bottom kettle.

  9. Açıklama (Tea Coaster): A small coaster used to protect surfaces from heat and moisture.

It's worth noting that Turkish tea is traditionally brewed using loose tea leaves rather than tea bags, which is why a çaydanlık and tea infuser are essential for the brewing process.