Collection: Tea Cup and Saucer

A tea cup and saucer is a type of teaware that is used for serving tea. It consists of a cup and a saucer, which is a small plate that the cup sits on. The saucer is designed to catch any drips or spills that may occur when drinking tea.

Tea cups and saucers come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Traditional tea cups and saucers are often made of porcelain or bone china and may feature delicate patterns or designs. More modern cups and saucers may be made of glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or less common materials, and can feature either sleek, minimalist designs, or novelty sculpture designs.

When serving tea, the cup is typically filled about three-quarters full with tea, leaving room for milk or other additions. The saucer is used to hold the cup and can also be used to hold a teaspoon or a small snack.

Tea cups and saucers are often used for formal occasions, such as tea parties or special events, but can also be used for everyday use. They also make great housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and birthday gifts!