Collection: japanese tea set

A Japanese tea set, often referred to as a "chadōgu," encompasses a range of utensils and tools used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, known as "chado" or "chanoyu." Japanese tea sets are designed with simplicity, elegance, and harmony in mind. Here are some common components you may find in a Japanese tea set:

  1. Chawan (Tea Bowl): A wide, shallow bowl used for whisking and drinking matcha (powdered green tea). The chawan can come in various shapes and designs, each with its own aesthetic appeal.

  2. Chasen (Bamboo Whisk): A bamboo whisk with finely split ends used for whisking matcha and creating a frothy texture. The chasen is an essential tool for preparing matcha tea.

  3. Chashaku (Bamboo Scoop): A small bamboo scoop used to measure and transfer matcha powder into the chawan. The shape and size of the chashaku can vary depending on the tea school or personal preference.

  4. Chasen Holder: A stand or holder used to store and display the chasen to help maintain its shape and prolong its lifespan.

  5. Chakin (Tea Cloth): A small, white, rectangular cloth used for wiping the chawan, chasen, and other utensils during the tea ceremony. It is typically made of linen or silk.

  6. Kensui (Waste Water Bowl): A bowl used for discarding wastewater during the tea preparation process. It is usually placed beside the tea set for convenience.

  7. Mizusashi (Water Container): A lidded container used to hold fresh water for preparing tea. It is often made of ceramic or metal and can have an artistic design.

  8. Hishaku (Water Ladle): A long-handled ladle used for transferring hot water from the mizusashi to the tea bowl or teapot.

  9. Kama (Tea Kettle): A kettle used to heat water for preparing tea. It can be made of cast iron, ceramic, or other materials and often features a long handle and a spout.

  10. Yuzamashi (Water Cooling Bowl): A shallow bowl or pitcher used to cool hot water to the desired temperature before pouring it into the tea bowl or teapot.

  11. Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth): A decorative cloth used for carrying and wrapping the tea utensils.

It's worth noting that a Japanese tea set is not necessarily the same as a matcha or green tea set, and typically doesn't include all the elements needed for matcha preparation.