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gongfu tea set

A Gongfu tea set is a traditional Chinese tea set used for tea ceremonies. It emphasizes precision, skill, and attention to detail to bring out the best flavors and aromas of high-quality tea leaves.

A typical Gongfu tea set includes several components:

  1. Gaiwan: A lidded bowl with a saucer and a lid. It is the primary vessel for brewing tea in Gongfu Cha. The gaiwan allows for the infusion of tea leaves and the decanting of the brewed tea.

  2. Tea Pitcher: A small, handleless pitcher used for decanting and holding the brewed tea before serving it into individual cups. It helps ensure an equal distribution of the flavors and consistency in each cup.

  3. Tea Cups: Small cups designed for sipping tea. They are usually made of porcelain or clay and are smaller in size compared to regular teacups. The cups may be without handles to allow the tea to cool faster for immediate consumption.

  4. Tea Tray: A tray used to catch spills and drips during the tea brewing process. It helps maintain cleanliness and provides an aesthetic presentation of the Gongfu tea set.

  5. Tea Tools: Gongfu tea sets may also include various tools for measuring and handling tea leaves, such as a tea pick for loosening compressed tea, a tea scoop for measuring the appropriate amount of tea, and a tea needle for cleaning the spout of the teapot.

The Gongfu tea set is designed to enhance the brewing experience and showcase the tea's characteristics through multiple short infusions. The process involves using a relatively high tea-to-water ratio, shorter steeping times, and multiple infusions to extract the full flavor of the tea leaves. It requires skill and practice to master the brewing techniques and achieve optimal results.

Gongfu tea sets can be found in a variety of materials, including porcelain, clay, glass, and even modern materials like stainless steel. 

Overall, a Gongfu tea set is an exquisite and elegant way to enjoy and appreciate the complexities of high-quality tea.