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cast iron tea set

Cast iron tea sets have been used in Japan for centuries and are often associated with the Japanese tea ceremony. These tea sets are known for their durability, heat retention properties, and traditional designs.

Cast iron tea sets typically consist of a teapot, tea cups, a trivet or stand, a tea strainer, and often a wood-handled tool to lift the (hot) lid of the teapot. The teapot and cups are made of thick cast iron, which helps to retain heat and keep the tea warm for longer periods. The teapot usually has an enamel coating on the inside to prevent rust and prevent the iron from changing the flavor of the tea.

To use a cast iron tea set, the teapot is filled with hot water (boiled in a different vessel if there's an enamel coating present; if there's no enamel, the water may be boiled directly) and tea leaves are added. The tea is then steeped for the desired amount of time before being poured into the cups. Cast iron tea sets are particularly well-suited for brewing loose-leaf tea, as the small particles can settle at the bottom of the pot without affecting the taste.

It's important to note that cast iron tea sets require proper care to maintain their quality. After use, the set should be thoroughly dried to prevent rusting. 

Overall, a cast iron tea set offers a unique and traditional way to enjoy tea while adding an aesthetic touch to your tea-drinking experience.