Collection: matcha tea set

matcha tea set

A matcha tea set typically includes traditional tools and utensils for preparing and enjoying matcha, a particular type of green tea made of finely-ground leaves. Matcha is not prepared in the same manner as ordinary tea leaves — hence the presence of a whisk. Common elements might include:

  1. Chawan (Tea Bowl): A wide, shallow bowl used for whisking and drinking matcha tea.
  2. Chasen (Bamboo Whisk): A special bamboo whisk used to mix and froth the powdered matcha tea with hot water.
  3. Chashaku (Bamboo Scoop): A bamboo scoop used to measure the right amount of matcha powder.
  4. Chasen Holder: A stand or holder used to maintain the shape and preserve the longevity of the bamboo whisk.
  5. Chakin (Tea Cloth): A small cloth used to clean and wipe the chawan and chasen.
  6. Natsume or Chashitsu (Tea Caddy): A small container used to store and protect the matcha powder.
  7. Kensui (Waste Water Bowl): A bowl used for discarding water during the tea preparation process.
  8. Tea Scoop Rest: A rest or holder for the chashaku to keep it clean and prevent it from rolling off the table.
  9. Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth): A decorative cloth used for carrying and wrapping the tea set.